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Careers with The Schmidt-Prescott Group, Inc.

Do you want a career with a company that views real appraisal as an important part of the valuation world? Do you own a company offering a valuation or value-enhancing service, and believe that your service is an integral part a larger property-value based market? Do you want to be rewarded for your contribution to the overall effort? Do you want to apply the analytical skills you honed in another profession in the real estate arena? Did you just graduate with a college degree and now need to investigate career opportunities? Talk to us about how we can grow together.

We want to talk to:
  • Trained real estate appraisers to work in an atmosphere where management is
    dedicated to growth and continuity of the firm through the expansion of product and client base, and a reward system that is based upon achievement
  • Those with other valuation or value-enhancing experience, such as equipment and business valuation experts and right-of-way agents, who want to be a Principal in a
    full-service valuation firm
  • Analytical people looking for a technical career with a bright future.

The average age of highly-qualified commercial appraisers in California is over 50 years.
The aging baby-boomers will retire, then pass on, causing a major shift in asset allocation. The task of valuing those assets, and the need to document that value, will fall into the hands of a shrinking population of qualified appraisers over the next 30 years.

"The commercial and industrial appraisal profession has never enjoyed a more favorable forecast for future demand for their service than what is now before them."

New Associates

A recent study found that people who find the appraisal profession most fulfilling are constantly seeking knowledge. We seek associates who consider professional growth a major career goal, and demonstrate this through continuing education and the acceptance of new challenges.

Our team has included people with experience in real property appraisal (commercial and residential), property management, law, industrial insurance, dispute resolution, asset management, development, sales, research and high tech.

Our goal is to develop a company structured to reward initiative, encourage professional growth, and provide opportunities for advancement. We will do this by continuously expanding the client base, continuously offering new products and services, continuously upgrading the quality of existing products and the quality of the client base, and continuously seeking quality associates. At the Schmidt Prescott Group, we believe that growth means opportunity. Opportunities to learn, lead, educate, and build a future. If you have a similar outlook on your business life, please arrange to talk to a Principal about your future as part of The Schmidt-Prescott Group.

  • Diverse and rewarding appraisal assignments made possible through our diversified
    client base
  • Accessible Principals active in the practice and active in the appraisal community
  • Flexibility made possible through on-line access to the Schmidt-Prescott Group resources from remote office and home computers
  • Administrative staff to facilitate research and report preparation
  • An environment that encourages professional growth
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