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The Firm

Founded in 1995 upon a base of 30 years experience in real estate appraisal, real estate marketing, and related industries, the principals of SPGroup are dedicated to building a team of property valuation and real estate professionals who can, or are anxious to learn, to offer a wide range of property valuation and property value-enhancing services.

From headquarters in San Jose the company serves a diverse, client-directed market, accepting valuation assignments throughout Northern California from attorneys, CPA’s, government agencies, banks and other lenders, individuals, and corporations.

Our work product is used by our clients in litigation, financing, dispute resolution, partnership dissolution, estate planning, acquisition and sale, eminent domain, and asset management.

This client base provides associates with a variety of assignments, providing an interesting and professionally challenging work environment. The breadth of our client bases benefits clients as well, since situations typical in one assignment category bring a unique perspective to others.

Company Philosophy
The Schmidt-Prescott Group. Inc, will succeed by:
  • Serving a diversified client base and providing valuation products and services tailored to their needs
  • Delivering on time and on budget
  • Participation by Principals from start to finish; assigning teams to bring in expertise and to provide expeditious delivery
  • Adhering to the professional standards of the Appraisal Institute (AI) and the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), including the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
  • Mentoring Associates to achieve professional designations through advanced course work, peer review, and formal examinations, following the track to the MAI or other professional designation
  • Forming relationships with other groups and individuals to foster mutual growth of practice, product, and professionalism
  • Hiring Associates with a congruent philosophy
  • Participating in community service organizations and projects
Corporate Goals
  • Develop a company structured to reward initiative, encourage professional growth, and provide opportunities for advancement
  • Continuously expand the client base deeper into the more challenging appraisal disciplines
  • Continuously offer new products and services
  • Continuously upgrade the quality of existing products and the quality of the client base
  • Continuously seek quality associates
  • Expansion through affiliation with other real estate professionals who share these goals
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